NanoPLC Module MAC00-R3
NanoPLC Module MAC00-R3 control module  JVL stepper motor  Johor Bahru, JB, Malaysia Supply Supplier | Jimusho Triangle Automation
111 g
NanoPLC with integrated cables
  • Ideal for stand-alone operation with sequential program execution
  • Graphical programming with +, -, *, /.
  • 8 in/4 out, opto isolated outputs up to 200mA
  • Protection IP67
  • In-position and Error outputs
  • RS232/RS485 interface
  • 2 or 20m cable
This module is also called "nanoPLC” because it is a programmable logic controller with IO. It has 8 inputs and 4 outputs all with 24V PNP and opto-coupler. Also advanced mathematical function like +-*/ are available. Typical applications for this module are stand-alone operation where the MAC motor must be able to operate as a complete positioning system without the need for an external PLC. While the program is running it is also possible to use the RS232/RS485, on the fly, to modify parameters such as position, speed etc. If you prefer to have a Wireless solution see our Bluetooth module MAC00-FB4 or WLAN module MAC00-EW4 that has the same programming facilities. 
Type Cable length
MAC00-R3 No cable
MAC00-R3-02 2m/79"
MAC00-R3-20 20m/787"

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