Soft NC Multiaxis Module MAC00-FR4
Soft NC Multiaxis Module MAC00-FR4 control module  JVL stepper motor  Johor Bahru, JB, Malaysia Supply Supplier | Jimusho Triangle Automation
100 g
High speed serial RS485 with M12 connector
  •  Multiaxis operation
  • Compatible with SoftNC IEC 61131-3 automation software
  • Advanced motion profiles for robot and xyz tables
  • 4I/4O for user purposes
  • Open hardware with PIC18F6520 for customers own software
  • M12 connector
Together with the software package SoftNC this module gives possibilities to control up to 8 axes in coordinated movements. Each axis can be position updated every 7ms through a special Motion Link protocol. Applications could be CNC, Robot, xyz tables etc. It can not be used stand-alone but need a PC or IPC with Windows XP and SoftNC IEC 61131-3 software as controller. It is not recommended to be used for single project but for OEM volume production, where the time used for programming can be paid back in the long term.
Alternatively it can be delivered as a module where the firmware is made by the customer. JVL delivers source code and electrical diagram for a working module which can be modified to customer needs. The module contains RS232, RS485, pulse/direction to basic motor, analoque in and isolated digital in and outputs. An EPLD and microprocessor PIC18F6520 are available on board.

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